Parenting: Discipline and Limit Setting

6 to 10 Years Old: What Doesn't Work

  • Shaming a child. When your 10-year-old is crying because you will not buy her expensive sneakers, refrain from telling her, "You're acting like a baby." This may lead to self-confidence issues because it communicates that the child's emotions are bad, therefore she is flawed. It is important to acknowledge a child's wish and be accepting of his or her emotional reaction even when saying no.
  • Cutting off a conversation. If a child asks for a privilege and you are unwilling to discuss it with him, he will feel enraged. Maintaining an open dialogue is important for a healthy relationship between parent and child.
  • Using severe punishments. Punishments should fit the crime. If your child misses one homework assignment, taking away television for a week would be extreme. One evening to help him catch up would suffice.