City vs. Suburbs: Which is a Better Place to Raise a Family?

City Living

Picture a spacious loft with brick interior walls and a gorgeous city view. Its occupants step off the subway, and walk down the block holding a bag of delicious takeout food from the Indian restaurant around the corner. Dinner's on at eight o'clock, right after cocktail hour. This is the vision of the free-wheeling city couple, and there's no argument that the city holds a lot of excitement and opportunity. That is, until baby makes three. Then the fabulous freedom of the lusty city life is replaced with wrestling baby strollers through turnstiles and saving up for private school.

But what if you're a happy city-dweller considering a move to the homogenous 'burbs? You really like your ethnically diverse neighborhood and your weekly trip to the museum of modern art isn't something you're about to give up. Then stay in the city! Your kids may not be able to hop on their bikes and ride off whenever they want to, but a regular trip to the local park offers plenty of green space and outdoor time, and most cities have great big, fabulous parks. Some might even argue that the city's need for increased supervision strengthens parent/child bonds. So ultimately, it's a quality of life issue, and it's really up to you to determine the experiences you want your children to have.

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