Are there any pregnancy tips for dads?

Prospective dads need to know what to expect at the end of the nine months, but they also need to know what to expect during the pregnancy. To be a supportive and knowledgeable dad, read books on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, or check out Web sites on the subject. Learn to ask questions, and become actively involved in the developments of each trimester of pregnancy, for the baby and the mom.

Pregnancy is a time of changes, which can be confusing for both moms and dads-to-be. Dads should be an active part of the process too, so go to prenatal classes together to learn as much as you can about pregnancy and childbirth. Dads can help their partners have a healthy pregnancy by making sure they don't skip any check-ups. Be there to listen to your baby's heartbeat and to view the ultrasound. A nutritious diet is important to support a healthy pregnancy, so dads can help their partners make the right food choices, while benefiting themselves, as well. Make sure that exercise is part of the daily routine. Healthy choices also mean staying away from smoking, drugs and alcohol. Dads should be aware of potentially dangerous substances in the home, such as toxic household products or medications that are not safe for pregnant women.


Dads-to-be should know who to call in an emergency situation and also to recognize the signs of an emergency. Help your partner avoid stress. Changes in the woman's body and hormones can cause mood swings, which are a normal part of pregnancy. Your awareness of this as a dad can help relieve stressful emotional situations. Planning for the baby is important to do together; in addition to knowing about pregnancy, labor and delivery, you can help get the house ready for bringing the baby home.