Ultimate Guide to Parent=to-parent Networks

Using ADHD Parent-to-parent Networks

As long as you've got access to a computer and the Internet, you'll probably find using a parent-to-parent network pretty simple. The first step is to locate a network that's right for you.

Networks specific to ADHD, such as ADHD Family Online, are available, as well as more general networks for parents, or parents of children with disabilities. You may find it helpful to consult your child's physician for suggestions. But even without a consultation, a simple Internet search should help you locate a variety of networks.

After locating networks that interest you, you'll need to find out whether it costs anything to become a member. Since many of these sites provide services, there's often a small fee associated with joining or using those services. For example, the MUMS National Parent-to-parent Network asks all participants to fill out a survey that the site then uses to match applicants with similar families. There's a $5 fee associated with the matching process (although the organization may waive the fee if a parent cannot afford it) [source: MUMS]. ADHD Family Online is $19.97 for a one-month subscription [source: ADHD Family Online].

Once you're a member, using an ADHD parent-to-parent network may be as simple as navigating through its site. For example, a particular area of its Web site may allow you to communicate with other families. By e-mailing or posting messages in forums, you can teach and learn from others who are going through the same things you struggle with every day.

Many find using a parent-to-parent network beneficial for themselves and their child. If you're interested in learning more about the potential benefits, move on to the next page.