8 Tips for Surviving Stay-at-home Motherhood

Survival Tip #1: Give it a try.
Survival Tip #1: Give it a try.
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If you have the luxury of trying the stay-at-home life, try it while you can. You might decide to go back to work, but it's an experience few women get to have, so take advantage of it.

Survival Tip #2: Get Advice

Talk to other stay at home moms

Survival Tip #3: Be Realistic

You'll need to keep a tight reign on finances and be very organized.

Survival Tip #4: Enjoy the time you have with your baby.

Even if you know you're going back to work, treasure the time you have with your newborn.

Survival Tip #5: Give yourself time to adjust.

If you go back to work, you may not have the same drive and ambition as you did before you had a little one to return home to.

Survival Tip #6: Keep track of your accomplishments at home.

Try keeping track of every diaper change, bottle feeding, play session...for 24 hours. You'll be amazed at how much you have done.

Survival Tip #7: Help your spouse/partner recognize your accomplishments.

It's important that they realize you aren't just sitting around all day while they're at work!

Survival Tip #8: Get out of the house.

Sign up for mommy-child swim lessons, join a play group...whatever it takes to find other adults to interact with.