5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Grown Children

Plan a Can't-miss Monthly Meal

Sure, technology makes keeping up with your adult children fairly easy, but sometimes there's just no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. If your kids live within a reasonable driving distance, suggest a monthly get-together or outing that will allow you to reconnect. For some families, this means a traditional home-cooked meal with mom and dad. For others, it may mean heading out to a favorite restaurant for dinner, or hitting up a favorite breakfast spot one weekend each month. If your kids live more than a few hours away, offer to meet at a spot halfway between your homes to help split the cost and time devoted to driving.

This type of physical get-together is particularly important once your kids have children of their own. Plan a special kid-friendly outing once a month to keep in touch with your kids and grandkids as they grow. It can be as simple as meeting at a local playground, or may involve more elaborate trips to amusement parks or museums. By choosing kid-friendly activities, you'll give your grandchildren a special treat while giving yourself a chance to reconnect with your own adult children.

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