5 Ways to get Your Partner to do More Around the House

Sing His Praises
A little praise works wonders.
A little praise works wonders.

We know it doesn't seem fair, but applauding every little chore your man tackles can make a big difference. He's much more likely to load the dishwasher or vacuum the floor when there's plenty of positive feedback.

He's probably used to a high level of respect from co-workers or compadres, and frankly, tired of being nagged at home. Taking a different tack sets the tone for a positive exchange.

Although it seems counterintuitive, don't look for perfection before offering praise. Just catch your partner putting forth the effort -- even if it's not exactly how you'd do it -- and offer some version of "thanks" within earshot of him and others. With time, you'll notice his at-home productivity increasing. In fact, he'll probably be inspired to do more than you'd ever expect.

Now, if only we could get a cheering section for ourselves. But that's what chocolate is for, right?