5 Ways to get Your Partner to do More Around the House

Talk Dirty

Maybe he just doesn't recognize the dust gathering in the windowsills or the laundry mountain gaining altitude near the washing machine.

Although it seems hard to believe, your husband may not (a) realize which household chores need doing, or (b) care very much. He may be fine living with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Or, he may -- on a Jungian level -- still expect his mother to appear and make short work of the clutter. Whatever the reasons, most men aren't as detail-oriented, so he simply may not see the things that bother you; your joint home, however messy, looks fine to him. What you need is a clear-cut strategy for dealing with this lackluster performance, one that's more effective than a gripe-fest with your best girlfriend (although that certainly has its place).

First, take a non-emotional approach and simply point out the bevy of chores required to run a household. Then, working together, make a mutual list to divvy up duties. You may decide to change the chore line-up depending on the day of the week, but whatever the details of your discussion, it's bound to ensure some progress.