5 Tips for Leaving Work at the Office

Learn When to Say No, and When to Say Yes

And that brings us to our final tip. Just like in the five stages of grief, your final stage here is acceptance. Not acceptance that you'll be spending all your future evenings slugging away at an endless stream of mind-numbing toils, but acceptance that yes, there probably will be some days when you'll have to allot some downtime to meet your deadlines.

But the important part is this: On days when it isn't absolutely necessary to log some hours away from your desk, don't. It's crucial to learn how to judge where a task ranks in terms of priority, and once you get the hang of it, you'll start to get a better grasp of when it's go-time and when it's time to go home and chill out. If you're following all the tips on this list, chances are more often than not you'll be free to do whatever suits your fancy, so don't feel too bad if once and a while you have to sacrifice a sunny day in exchange for getting some work done.

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