5 Tips for Leaving Work at the Office


Transition into Me Time

Even your dog thinks you work too hard.
Even your dog thinks you work too hard.
Kane Skennar/Photodisc/Thinkstock

This tip comes into play when you arrive home. Stave off thoughts of immediately pulling out those files you need to sort through or papers you need to sign, and plan an activity to take your mind off things. Got a dog? Chances are it wouldn't mind a nice, long walk, instead of a short one just to take care of business.

So put on some comfy clothes and bust out the leash. If you're dog-less, consider heading to the gym, firing up the grill or just plain taking it easy. The goal here is to get a life and stop working like a maniac. So pick a hobby, whether it's bocce ball or basketball, and have fun! You can also make a dinner date, head to the movies, swing by the mall -- whatever floats your boat.

Now that the word "leisure" has entered your daily lexicon, you might notice that your workday is a little more hectic than before. But that's all right, we get into that on the next page.