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Learn to Say "No"

Juggling commitments can put a lot of stress on family life, so only do what you're able to do.
Juggling commitments can put a lot of stress on family life, so only do what you're able to do.
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There comes a point where all the time management tips in the world can't save you from overextending yourself. When you reach that point -- or even better, before -- it's important to learn how to say no. We all want to be an active part of our community, but when you make too many commitments, nobody wins. You don't have the energy to do any of the obligations justice, and none of them get the benefit of your full attention.

Saying no can be very difficult, but you can keep in mind a few tips if you're leaning how. First, acknowledge that there are past obligations to which you should not have committed. The second stage involves recognizing when you're in over your head, and removing yourself from commitments that are too much of a burden on your time and energy. Finally, you come to a point where you can evaluate at the outset whether or not you will have the resources to commit to a particular project or endeavor. That's the point where you're best utilizing your time, as well as others'.

Juggling family life isn't easy, but hopefully these top five time management tools will put you on the right track. See the links below for lots more information about organizing your family's busy life.

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