5 Things You Should Know: Transitioning Back to Work as a New Mom


It's All About People

When you have a baby, it's not just you in the world anymore, or you and your husband -- it's you, your partner, both your families, the babysitter, the daycare workers, the parents from the daycare -- see where we're going with this? All of these people can help you in your daily life, so don't try to be supermom and do everything yourself. Ask for help when you need it, even if it's just for a load of laundry.

Network with other working moms at your place of business or in your industry. They might have tips and tricks you've never even thought of, from potty training to getting a baby to sleep through the night -- and information about the best pediatrician in town.

And lastly, if you're part of a couple, don't neglect that part of your life. When you're tired and stressed, you might just laugh at the idea of romance, but that doesn't have to mean a big night out on the town. Just take 30 minutes out of your day to sit down with your partner over tea and a glass of wine and look each other in the eyes and connect. Like we said before, a happy mom is a good mom -- and a baby with happy parents is a happy baby.