5 Things You Should Know: Single Dads

You Should Create Daily Routines

You're going to need a steep learning curve, especially if the onset of your single fatherhood was sudden. An onslaught of responsibilities that were once borne by the kids' mother -- and are suddenly yours -- can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to traverse the pitfalls of raising kids alone is by forming routines.

You're seriously pressed for time in the mornings. You've got to get ready for work as before, but now you've also got the kids to prepare for school as well. Get a head start by making lunches the night before. Practice braiding your daughter's hair the way she likes it on the weekends. Make sure everybody has clean clothes for the next day.

Don't be overly tough on yourself if you find that you're late to just about everything at first. After a little while, you'll realize you've become an ace at getting everyone ready on the fly.