5 Things You Need to Know: How to Choose a Good Nanny


Assess Your Needs

So let's say you've decided that you'd prefer to hire a nanny over other types of child supervision. The first step - before the vetting and hiring - is to consider all your family needs and dynamics.

After all, the nanny will be your employee and you want to be sure you hire for your specific requirements.

Questions you may ask yourself: Is a live-in or live-out nanny best for you and your children? Upon what type of schedule would you like your new household to run? Do your children have any special needs? What duties do you expect a nanny to perform in addition to child care, if any? Are there pets in the home? Is the nanny expected to run errands or transport your children in a car - if so, have you factored that into the budget? And don't forget to look long and hard at what you can afford.

Got it? Now write it up in a job description.