5 Things You Should Know: Dad-to-Dad Bonding

Leverage the Internet

Back in the day, a dad looking for parenting advice from other dads had a fairly small pool from which to draw. Since the advent of the Web, though, the advice pool available for dads seeking advice from other dads has grown exponentially wider and deeper. Forums, chat rooms, blogs and entire sites have cropped up to fill the void left by many traditional sources of parenting information that lack the details that fathers need.

The focus of sites you select can be as broad or as specific as you please. Make your Internet search equally broad or focused. Are you a single dad raising a disabled daughter? Are you just trying to get your son to eat his Brussels sprouts without resorting to brute force? There are others out there online who are dealing with the same situations you are. Taking the time to browse the Web can lead you to a global network of advice.