5 Things You Should Know: Dad-to-Dad Bonding

Network Your Own Network

You know them very well: Your neighbors, guys at work, family members and your wife's friends' husbands. Dudes with kids are everywhere. Since you have kids of your own, you've likely established a go-to inner circle of other dads that you can call at the drop of a hat for parenting advice. Look a little harder, though, and you may find your inner circle grow ever wider.

We tend to get advice from people who assert their opinion to us or from those we know we can trust. Usually, the advisor relationships we develop with others aren't based on much forethought. That also means that there are potentially new and disparate points of view among people we know, but haven't ever sought advice from. Fellow dads who don't speak up much can still provide insight -- and arguably a different point of view from your more assertive friends.

If you pay a little extra attention to people you may have overlooked, you could find even more parenting advice.