5 Things You Need to Know: Bonding With Grandparents


Long Distance Love

In the case of grandparents and grandchildren who do not live close enough for convenient visits, they aren't out of luck. There are lots of strategies for bonding that often bring out the best of both sides.

Keeping in contact can be done a number of ways. Even if grandparents aren't interested in rapid-fire texting conversations, they might find technology hasn't left them high and dry. Sharing online photo albums, playing games, sending email and talking through Web cams and sound files are all ways to connect with children in their comfort zone, while still maintaining an interactive relationship that can be rewarding for everyone.

More traditional methods of communication, whether mail, telephone or something more unique, are generally successful, too. Grandparents might bond with grandchildren by engaging them in a virtual book club, fantasy sports league, quilting swap, recipe exchange or other creative and interesting long distance activity that amuses all parties involved. And once the distance is overcome, many grandchildren and grandparents will continue to enjoy their ongoing relationship.