5 Things to Know About Adjusting to Parenthood


There are Going to Be Days You Feel Like a Failure -- But You're Not

You may feel like you're a terrible parent. Maybe the connection just hasn't happened yet, or you keep doing things like putting on diapers backward or braiding your daughter's hair into a rat's nest.

You might even have negative feelings about your new child. That's OK, and it's normal. You're tired. You haven't had an adult conversation or a real date in what feels like ages. The fantasy of having a new baby probably isn't quite matching up to real life, especially when you realize you just got poop on your hand.

If you're an adoptive or a foster parent, you might have times when you worry that your child won't love you like he or she would love his or her biological parents.

Take heart -- every parent feels like that some days. No matter how perfectly put together that one mother seems or how relaxed that father looks, every parent has a day when parenthood is just too much. Give yourself a break. If you're trying to do your best, you're doing just fine.