5 Things to Know About Adjusting to Parenthood


Everyone Has an Opinion

Did you know the best way to swaddle a baby? The woman behind you in the checkout line does. Did you know the best way to deal with a bully? Your father-in-law has some great ideas.

Becoming a new parent basically means that people are going to bother you all day long, whether it's with too many visits to the maternity ward or an endless stream of unsolicited advice. Your own family, strangers, even the media -- everyone has an opinion on how you should be parenting your child.

If you listen to all of it, you'll be so busy second-guessing yourself that you'll go nuts. Are you hovering too much? Are you a bad mom if you don't breastfeed? Is giving your daughter french fries going to ruin her life? Here's the key to maintaining your sanity: Tune out. Picture yourself in Tahiti while you smile, nod and thank the person for his or her thoughts before changing the subject -- and try to remember that people just want to help.