5 Spare Time Tricks for Mom


Time to Lean Means Time to Clean

There's no doubt that household chores are mundane and often time consuming. Rather than spending all day Saturday mopping and scrubbing, take advantage of a spare minutes to keep things tidy.

With just a 15 minute (or less!) time investment, you can make a respectable dent in the disarray. In the living room? Grab a rag and dust just. Kitchen? Scrub the sink and do a quick sweep of the floor. Keep bathrooms and kitchens neat by spraying counters and sinks daily with disinfectant, giving mildew and germs little time to set up camp.

And in less than a minute you can create the illusion of tidiness with small effort: fluff the pillows on the couch, fold the kitchen towel that was left on the counter or make the bed.

Tip: Discreetly store cleaning materials where you might be able to fit in a minute or two to clean. For example, keep a can of disinfecting wipes under each bathroom sink in the house.