5 Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities


Get Crafty

Some of us have about as much artistic talent as a mosquito. But others are bursting with latent, undiscovered artistic prowess. Find out which category you and your daughter belong to by learning a craft together.

The hardest part will probably be picking your pleasure, since your many options include sewing, painting, pottery, quilting and floral arranging. Local craft stores and recreation centers typically offer inexpensive and fun classes for novice artists looking to channel their inner Da Vinci. Another alternative is to have mother or daughter serve as instructor at home. Perhaps your mother taught you to quilt years ago, and it's time for you to pass along the family tradition. Or, maybe your daughter has picked up some new painting techniques in her art class that she can teach you.

Whatever art form you choose to learn, make sure it's something you both think is valuable and fun. Be sure to keep your finished products to display proudly and pass down to future generations … or hide them in the back of your closet if you discover that you're not so artistically inclined.