5 Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities

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Seasoned moms know for a fact that the typical day-to-day schedule leaves little time for heart-to-hearts. Balancing school, extracurricular activities, meals, homework and sleep, it's actually nothing short of a miracle for parents to see their kids for more than a few brief moments a day.

My own children are still practically toddlers, but I know from secondhand experience with my teenage nieces that kids grow up at the speed of your average hurricane. Since the opportunity for quality time seems to be few and far between these days, I try to make visits with my girls count with as much one-on-one time as possible.

There are tons of creative and fun ways to bond with your daughter if you're feeling a little disconnected from her, or if you just want to strengthen your existing bond. So, turn off your cell phones (unless watching her text is your idea of a good time), and keep reading for our five favorite mother-daughter bonding ideas.