5 Father-Son Bonding Activities

Go to a Car Show

Guys like cars. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you grew up or what your socioeconomic status is; if you're male, chances are you have at least a passing interest in things with wheels and combustible engines. You can use man's inherent love of all things auto to connect with your son by taking him to a car show.

You don't even have to have similar tastes to spend quality bonding time with your boy at an auto show. Most new-model shows include a bit of everything, so if you love American muscle and he cares only for the high-end exotics, you're both in luck as you'll likely be perusing everything from the new Camaro to the latest Lamborghini.

If either of your interests run a bit more specific, it'll still be easy to find an auto show to meet your needs. Truck, SUV, motorcycle and RV get-togethers are not uncommon in most major cities, so it should be easy and affordable to bond over autos, regardless of the machines you choose to see.