5 Budget Luxuries for Mom


Wine Tasting

Drinking wine tastes good -- and can take the edge off a long day -- but do you know how to determine the nose, taste, mouthfeel and finish of that glass of Merlot you have with dinner? A visit to a local winery can help you develop your palate and give you a little vino education. Plus, when was the last time you spent a pleasant afternoon tilting back a glass?

Make it even more budget-friendly by throwing a wine-tasting party for your closest friends, moms or not. Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite vino and you supply some appetizers (anything from cheeses to tapas to wings, depending on your crowd) and wine glasses.

Feeling mom guilt about having fun? Remember the antioxidants, called flavonoids, in red wines are good for your cardiovascular health. So drink up - it's good for you!