10 Ways to Help Your Children Become Better Parents


Tell the Family Story

Your busy children may have little time to nurture a sense of family history in their children. You can fill the gap.

Knowing who we are and where we came from is important in developing values, self-confidence and a sense of being connected to something bigger than the nuclear family.

Helping your grandchildren to an understanding of family history helps their parents, too. Maybe you didn't have as many opportunities as you wanted to pass on family lore to your kids when they were growing up. You can make up for that now and help them be a strong link in the family chain. Often, people wish later in life that they'd asked more questions of their family elders, but then it's too late. You can nurture and preserve this important information and sense of identity.

Share old photo albums, baby books and scrapbooks with your children and their children. Let the grandkids help you make new scrapbooks. Tell them stories about their parents when they were kids. If religion is important in your family, enrich that background.

In cases of divorce, it can be especially important for grandparents to develop this sense of family.

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