10 Ways to Help Your Children Become Better Parents


Respect Your Children As Parents

Sure, you've got years of experience. You've lived longer and you've already raised at least one child. But never forget that your child is the parent now.

One of the most important things you can do to help your child be a better parent is to acknowledge that your child and his or her partner are the parents. You're there to help if possible and when needed, but they're in charge. Respect them as parents and as adults. Follow their rules about discipline, food and everything else. Ask their permission before buying the child something or inviting the child somewhere.

This approach is especially important if you ever babysit or become a caregiver for your grandchild. Treat them the way your child -- your grandchild's parent -- wants them to be treated, even if it's not the way you dealt with your children. If they don't want their children to have sugary snacks, don't give them sugary snacks. If they have rules about TV, enforce them.

By respecting your child's leadership, you will increase his or her confidence. You will support rather than undermine your child's authority as a parent.

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