10 Ways to Help Your Children Become Better Parents


Be a Role Model for the Parents

By being a good parent yourself, you show your children how to be good parents. Some of this modeling will already have happened over the years, while your now-adult child was growing up. You can't get do-overs at this point. You can't go back and correct the mistakes that hindsight lets you see. But you can, at the right time, acknowledge those mistakes to your grown child and talk about what you might have done differently. Being honest is part of being a good role model.

If you still have younger children at home -- teenagers, maybe -- you have an excellent opportunity to show your child who is now a parent how you handle tough issues.

You can also model good parenting by showing respect and tact toward your adult child. You can be the kind of parent you'd like to have -- the kind who offers help when it's needed without trying to take over.

You can be a good role model in another way, too. Keep reading.