Top 10 Tips for Parenting Preschoolers


Get Ready For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a huge step. It's the first of at least 13 years of education, and for some children, it represents the first time they'll be separated from their parents for extended periods of time. Some experts suggest not telling your preschooler too much about kindergarten until about two weeks before it starts. Preschoolers don't yet have a good grasp of time periods, and giving them too much notice may fill them with unnecessary anxiety [source: Peterson].

You may have years of classroom experiences under your belt, but to a child, it's a completely new environment. Get your child used to the physical basics of kindergarten: Take her to the playground of her new school, and get her used to sitting in a desk and holding a pencil.

Starting school also requires a fair amount of emotional preparation. Your preschooler may have made friends at the playground that she won't be able to see now that she is in kindergarten. Try to arrange play dates -- if your child is allowed to maintain a link with her past, it may help her transition to kindergarten.

About a month before kindergarten starts, check to see that your child is behaviorally prepped for school. She should have a good grasp of appropriate behavior and have some level of autonomy before the term rolls around. There are times when preschoolers simply aren't yet ready for kindergarten, so you might consider waiting a year to enroll her if that is case [source: Suro].