Top 10 Tips for Parenting Preschoolers

Parenting a preschooler means helping him develop good learning and social skills to prepare him for school. See more parenting pictures.
Marcy Maloy/Getty Images

There are only a few months to go until kindergarten, and already you've seen your toddler blossom into school readiness. She has started to grab crayons and pencils with her fingers instead of her fists. She has gone from walking unsteadily to running, jumping and throwing. She has started making conversation, instead of just spouting out random words and phrases. She has even started to share.

During this period, your preschooler's brain will grow faster than any other part of her body: By age 5, it will have grown to be 90 percent the size of an adult brain [source: Cantu]. As your preschooler copes with this change, you'll start seeing the first signs of independence and social interaction. Your child's memory center will also kick in -- her first memory will likely be registered in the year leading up to kindergarten. It's also a time rife with power struggles and frustration. Your preschooler doesn't have fully developed logic skills yet, but she will still demand autonomy. She has not yet developed proper balance, but she can climb to high places.

Expect your fair share of tantrums and time-outs during this time, but if you keep your preschooler active, ease her into greater independence and maintain a safe and nurturing home environment, then your child should be ready when she sits down for her first day of school.

But first, let's work on getting your preschooler some sleep.