Top 10 Time Management Tips


Relax -- Be Happy

Taking a real vacation can make you more productive in the long run.
Taking a real vacation can make you more productive in the long run.

Time management is not an end in itself. Yes, it can make you more productive. But it should also give you more time to enjoy life, more time for family and friends, and more time to have fun and get healthy. So when you set priorities, don't limit them to work. Look at all the things that give life meaning for you. Make sure you are devoting time to what's really important.

Time management does not mean rushing from one task to the next -- just the opposite. If you're hurrying, chances are you've lost control of your time and are probably operating inefficiently. Here are some ways to make sure time management doesn't become yet another source of stress.

  • Always take a lunch break. You'll be more productive by coming back refreshed for the afternoon.
  • Schedule exercise breaks to tone up your body and your mind.
  • Determine a cut-off time for work. After that, put it completely out of your mind.
  • Disconnect regularly. Turn off your cell phone and computer for a period every day.
  • Set aside time to do nothing. You need to recharge your batteries now and then.
  • Take a real vacation, during which you can unplug and break your habits.

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