10 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Let's hope Hilary Swank didn't put her foot in her mouth when she caught up with a pregnant Reese Witherspoon at a movie premiere back in 2003. See more pregnancy pictures.
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New life is a wonderful thing. It's only natural you'd want to share the joy with an obviously pregnant passerby. After all, as anyone with children can attest, parenting is an adventure that brings people together -- a common bond so powerful, so pervasive, that you may find yourself offering way-too-personal information the moment a burgeoning belly comes into view. However, some remarks are better left unsaid, especially if you're not in the expectant mother's inner circle.

If your unsolicited comments are met with a less-than-enthusiastic attitude by a mom-to-be, just remember: Between the morning sickness, swinging moods and looming delivery, few women relish advice from strangers -- or even (why can't they be distant?) relatives. So, the next time you start to open your mouth, try to steer clear of these 10 most-annoying observations.