Top 10 Products Moms Are Still Waiting For

Kid Teleporter
A teleporter could be the saving grace of motherhood.
A teleporter could be the saving grace of motherhood.
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It's one of those iconic parenthood scenes: Piling the kids in the car, one in a soccer uniform, another in a tutu, a tiny one in a car seat, crying, and a stoic mom or dad trying desperately to get everyone to his or her respective afterschool activity without having a mental breakdown.

A home teleporter could be the saving grace of motherhood, fatherhood and nanny-hood. It could be a paradigm shift. Instead of spending precious time and sanity dropping off and picking up and dropping off and picking up, parents could beam their children to soccer and ballet and be waiting when they're beamed back home, molecularly intact, with a well-rounded dinner ready on the table that isn't takeout.

These products, they could change things.

Moms are waiting.

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