Top 10 Picky Eater Tips

Making food fun is a sneaky way to get picky eaters to eat.
Making food fun is a sneaky way to get picky eaters to eat.
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You're not a sous chef! Do not make several different meals for each individual in your household. Do try to include a little something that each person would like.



Have Patience

Remember it can take 6-10 exposures until your child will eat something so don't fight with them.

Be Sneaky

Dice up veggies and hide them. Put carrots or zucchini in muffins, puree veggies into sauces, stews, ground meatballs or loafs.

Cooked vs. Raw

Some kids prefer certain veggies cooked and others raw - try both and learn which ones your kids like, then serve them up regularly.

Healthy Snacks

Don't buy chips or sugary drinks and sodas. Leave fresh clean fruit where kids can help themselves!

It's No Big Deal

Is you child trying to get your attention by refusing to eat or being fussy? Don't pay them any attention - they'll get the message that their trick doesn't work on you. Do pay attention when they're eating quietly and well.

All Hands On Deck

Include your kid's in the prep and/or cooking process. They'll love it and may be more likely to try the new foods.

A Reward System

Do not use un-healthy foods as "reward" for eating or trying new foods. Do offer compliments when your kids are willing to eat what's in front of them or experiment with different dishes.

Make It Fun

Make a game with your children about eating the different colors of the rainbow - from nutritious food, of course.

Start With You

Be a good role model. Children know when you don't like foods - so you should try to add more variety to your diet as well.