10 Parenting Shortcuts for Raising a Large Family


Make time for your spouse

Having a glass of wine with your spouse after a long day will help the two of you to stay connected.
Having a glass of wine with your spouse after a long day will help the two of you to stay connected.

It's sometimes easy to put the "just you two" relationship on the back burner. With a large family, the only way you'll have time for your spouse is to make time for your spouse. A date night once a week or every other week is a good way to carve time for some adult conversation. Even putting the kids to bed a little early and relaxing with a glass of wine will help keep you connected. Making your bedroom "off limits" to the kids will give you some space that is just yours.

Remember, it's the little things that keep you bonded. A hug after dinner or bringing her coffee in bed shows that you care. Sending him a quick e-mail at work or a text message while you watch your son's basketball game lets him know you're thinking of him.

And don't forget time for yourself. Get up a half-hour early to exercise, watch television or do nothing…uninterrupted. Treat yourself now and then to the luxury of a nap, a good book, a cup of tea or a bubble bath. A large family comes with a lot of work…and a lot of happiness. Relax and take it one day at a time.

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