10 Mommy and Me Activities to Try

Craft Creations

Crafting not only keeps children engaged, but also encourages fine motor skills, problem solving and nurtures a host of other creative behaviors. You can use craft projects to foster little imaginations -- while introducing pre-reading and math skills. It's no wonder more than half of U.S. households report completing some kind of craft project in 2009, according to the Craft & Hobby Association.

If you'd like to join a "mommy and me" craft group, check out the local YWCA, recreation center or craft store. Retailers such as Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores frequently host demonstrations and classes designed for children and adults. Whether your child's favorite activity is stringing beads, sculpting clay or sewing with yarn, you're sure to find a way to enjoy it together. After all, that's the point of "mommy and me" activities.

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