Top 10 Mom Businesses

Julie Aigner Clark
Clark poses with some puppets featured in her Baby Einstein videos.
Clark poses with some puppets featured in her Baby Einstein videos.
AP Photo/Ed Andrieski

Julie Aigner Clark started her empire by making videos with hand puppets for her infant daughter after she couldn't find any products like it on the market. She took her videos to trade shows and Baby Einstein became an instant success. She ultimately sold the business to Disney, but for most of its time under her tutelage, she ran the business out of her home to allow her to spend time with her daughter. Her new enterprise, called the Safe Side, is a series of videos to teach kids about safety issues. This, too, is a home-based business, and she credits hiring a full-time housekeeper as one of the best decisions she ever made to help her balance running a business and a family.

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