10 Family Bonding Activities


Get Scientific

Sometime around middle school, science experiments become fundamentally uncool. While your kids are still in the single digits, have fun with science!

Younger kids get a serious kick out of learning basic scientific principles, like magnetic attraction and repulsion, how mold forms (you can perform this experiment with ancient spaghetti leftovers, by the way) and why baking soda and vinegar combine to form homemade volcanoes.

Surf the Web for a ton of great ideas for easy, at-home experiments utilizing everyday household items. Have you got tons of leftover Halloween or Valentine's Day candy? Teach your kids about dissolution by putting candy hearts in water, or show them what happens when a Skittle is submerged (the "S" floats to the top!). Finding alternatives to scarfing down all that extra sugary stuff will benefit your minds and your waistlines simultaneously, plus you'll be spending old-fashioned quality time with your family.

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