10 Most-watched Celebrity Baby Bumps

Natalie Portman

She's now established Hollywood royalty, so it's fair to assume the press would cover the actress's pregnancy and the birth of her first child. But when conservative critic Mike Huckabee slammed the star for being pregnant but not married (she's engaged to the baby's dad, "Black Swan" actor Benjamin Millepied), the media frenzy turned into a firestorm. Huckabee supporters agreed with the former presidential candidate and bashed the actress for not saying "I do" before heading into the delivery room, and Portman fans defended her decision to bear the child before slipping on the ring. The press, in the meantime, took full advantage of the controversy and provided as many pics of the pregnant celeb as possible. Not surprisingly, Portman decided to remain "out of the public eye" following the birth of her son in June 2011, ignoring the press and outside opinions to focus on her baby and private life.