10 Most-watched Celebrity Baby Bumps

Jennifer Aniston
Using Owen Wilson, the on-screen father of her children in "Marley & Me," as a model, Aniston identifies the area in question.
Using Owen Wilson, the on-screen father of her children in "Marley & Me," as a model, Aniston identifies the area in question.
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Yes, we know that Jennifer Aniston has yet to bear a child, but that hasn't stopped the press from gossiping about it. More speculative stories have been written about the aging starlet's potential offspring than most of the other celebs on this list combined. From her publicly announced baby dreams with former hubby Brad Pitt to the tabloids' frequent front-page speculative belly shots, Aniston's baby drama (or lack thereof) has captivated celeb-watchers for more than a decade.

We'd love to find out when the actress will produce a little superstar, but until she makes an official pregnancy-related announcement, we'll be scanning the supermarket checkout lanes for updates along with everyone else.

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