10 Careers for Power Moms


Graphic Design

Graphic designers made an average of $43,380 in the U.S. in 2008.
Graphic designers made an average of $43,380 in the U.S. in 2008.
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Again, the Internet revolution free power moms to create their own schedules. Those who harbor a talent for creating and manipulating images may be well-served by pursuing a career in graphic design.

Like positions as writers and editors, graphic designers can have a tremendous amount of flexibility in their schedules. Having an Internet connection and the necessary software on a home computer can allow for remote working and telecommuting. Freelance graphic design is also generally deadline-driven: Companies usually seek designers with an education in art or experience in the field. Moms can build portfolios fairly quickly by starting out in something like freelance ad design for a local paper or creating flyers for small businesses.

Graphic designers pull down an average annual income of $43,380. Entering the profession does require a bit of up-front investment in the specialized software required to create saleable work. At last check, aspiring designers can buy Adobe's multi-program Creative Suite (an industry gold standard) for around $1,600.