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Hate sentences out of AP style? Check.
Hate sentences out of AP style? Check.

For the same reasons that new writing jobs were created in the post-dot-com era, so too were new jobs for editors. Someone has to clean and polish the mess that writers turn in, after all. While editors are often expected to edit the work of more than one writer, the BLS says that there were about as many people working as editors as there were writers in the U.S. in 2008, around 130,000 -- with a median salary of $49,900.

Like writing positions, the hours of an editor are often very flexible, with deadlines serving as the key time constraint.

While writers can lean on talent to get new jobs, editors are often expected to have a degree (or prior experience in the field). This doesn't necessarily mean a degree in journalism or English has to hang in your home study. Editors can make the leap from any field that requires professional-caliber writing, like psychology, public relations or communications. "Ideal candidates will have copy editing experience strong writing skills, a keen eye for detail, a firm grasp of AP [Associated Press] style and a dedicated work ethic," reads one posting for a freelance copyediting position .