New Parents

So you've got a new child. Adjusting to parenthood is no easy feat, so read up on advice for new parents in these articles.

The cons of being a new parent later in life include having less energy for your kids, concerns about being alive to see your children grow up, and a growing schism between you and your children due to a difference in relevant values. Learn about the cons of being a new parent later in life in this article

The pros of being a new parent later in life include starting with a better sense of self, having more life experience to draw on and being more financially stable. Learn about the pros of being a new parent later in life in this article

Your baby is just about the cutest thing in the world, but not at 3:00 am. Learn how a new mom can get more sleep from this article.

It's beneficial to be a Head of Household for tax purposes. Learn about how to be a Head of Household in this article.

It's possible to convert a crib to a toddler bed for when your toddler has outgrown his crib but isn't yet ready for a full-size bed. Learn how to convert a crib to a toddler bed in this article.

You weathered the pregnancy and survived the birth. Now that baby is happy and healthy at home, it's time to get back to real life. Unfortunately, that means hearing the not-so-welcome thoughts of friends and strangers alike.

Did you ever wonder how to tell twins apart? Learn how to tell twins apart in this article.

Use a combination of phonics-based, whole language and multisensory methods to teach a child to read. Learn how to teach a child to read in this article.

So you're a new parent, now what? Advice for new parents from the parents of 19 kids.

Whether it's swimming or painting or listening to a story, there are so many fun activities for you and your little one to try out together. We'll look at 10 of the most popular plus places where you can find them.

Children at preschool age go through important developmental changes, and parents must guide them in a healthy, productive way. What's the best way to approach raising a preschooler?

Parenthood is mostly wonderful, but it can also be very difficult, and it takes a big adjustment to get from your old life to your new one. Get tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Nannies are individuals employed by you to provide one-on-one child care in your home. If a nanny's what your family needs, use these tips to find a good one.

Whether a child's grandparents live far away or in the same home, there are lots of ways for them to stay connected and involved in each other's lives. Get tips on how to forge relationships between children, parents and grandparents.

Raising kids can be hard, especially if you are a new parent, and you're bound to make a few mistakes along the way. But nanny Emma Jenner has put together a list of mistakes that you can avoid.

Good parenting comes from the heart. It is consistent, loving, tough but fair, and sets a good example. Here are some tips for forging a positive bond with your child.