5 Ways to Talk to Other Adults While You're On Maternity Leave

Image Gallery: Work After Maternity Leave When you're used to talking to and about your baby nonstop, it can be hard to remember how to relate to other adults! See more pictures of work after maternity leave.

Not so long ago -- in fact, maybe even three or four decades ago -- women couldn't wait to tell everyone that they were going to have a baby. For some, times have changed. In a world where not all our friends plan to have children and the fear of being "Mommy-tracked" is a real obstacle, some women are more reluctant to talk about their babies. Others may talk about their newborns a little too much.

As you enjoy maternity leave, you'll be expected to supply updates on your baby to those outside your family. The key to success in these conversations is to size up the interest of the person you're talking to. Is it someone who loves children and everything about them? Or is it a coworker who just wants a brief update and is more interested in when you might return to work?

It's not hard to tell, and once you know who's listening, here are some tips for maintaining ties to people in your world while you're on maternity leave.