5 Ways to Catch Some Extra ZZZs on Maternity Leave

Image Gallery: Sleep on Maternity Leave It can be tough to get enough sleep with a new baby in the house, but there are a few ways to grab some extra bedtime. See more pictures of sleep on maternity leave.

You can hear him crying through the wall, but he just ate an hour ago, and he couldn't possibly be hungry already. You changed his diaper and laid him down comfortably. So why is your little bundle of joy awake? He's certainly too young to be trying to get on your nerves.

But a newborn baby is attempting to figure out his circadian rhythm. He doesn't know that his mom is on maternity leave, and she can't benefit from three-hour naps rather than eight-hour nights, like he does.

So what can you do to teach Junior that you need a few more rejuvenating ZZZs? Few moms are able to nab the quality sleep they need, but following these five easy tricks can help you squeeze in extra hours.