10 Tasks New Moms Can Assign Their In-laws


Lawn and Household Maintenance

Weeds and grass grow no matter what, so don't expect a reprieve in the months following your child's birth. Some grandfathers are a little lost when it comes to pampering newborns, but I guarantee that your dad or father-in-law knows how plenty about landscaping. Point him in the direction of your garage once the grass starts to become offensive to passersby.

I'll never forget the look of sheer exuberance on my husband's face when he arrived home from work one Friday to see my father putting away the lawnmower. Being relieved of his most hated and time-consuming duty was the best gift possible for this exhausted dad. Plus, it freed up a ton of time for him to spend with his new baby.

The same concept goes for other household maintenance issues. Need a filter changed? Ask Grandpa to hit the local hardware store for a replacement. Does the baby swing require assembly? Hand him a screwdriver and the manual. You get the picture.