10 Tasks New Moms Can Assign Their In-laws


Entertain Older Kids

My three-year-old was completely enamored of his baby brother. He talked to him, showed him his toys and sang songs to him. For about five minutes. Once the novelty wore off he turned his big blue eyes on me as if to say, "Entertain me now, woman."

Unfortunately, like most women post-childbirth, I simply wasn't well enough for a couple of weeks to move at the frenetic pace of your typical preschooler. Enter Grannie and PaPa, who jumped at the chance for a little one-on-one time with their eldest grandson. They hit the zoo, storytime at the local library and took walks around the neighborhood together. He felt utterly adored and managed to milk them for even more treats and presents than usual. Plus, it gave me some extra time to figure out my new infant's napping and feeding needs.