10 Tasks New Moms Can Assign Their In-laws


Scrounging up Food

Let someone else cook dinner while you're feeding the baby.
Let someone else cook dinner while you're feeding the baby.

I carried my baby for nine months, labored for 10 hours and spent several days in the hospital adjusting to the many challenges of newborn care. Yet, five minutes after arriving home from the hospital, I was asked the following simple, yet ridiculous question: "What's for dinner?"

My response? "Beats me -- ask Grannie."

Enlist the help of any available grandparents to divert the food-related pressure from you and your husband for a few days, at least. Grandparents can easily handle the grocery shopping (using a senior citizen discount to boot!), or pick up a phone and order pizza. Enterprising grandmas might even elect to fix double portions of freezer-friendly meals, which can be defrosted and served in the weeks after all of your out-of-town help has departed.

Holly Harvey-Smith of Seattle jumped on the mass meal preparation bandwagon with gusto well before her daughter's birth."My stepmom and I made about three weeks' worth of dinners and froze them," said Holly. "It was a fun activity to do together before the baby came, and a huge help once she had arrived."

However you do it, enlisting grandparents in the meal prep process will make your life easier. When you're completely consumed with learning to nurse or bottle-feed your infant, the last thing you want to be saddled with is feeding other people.