Expectant Parents

If you've got a child on the way, be prepared for a lot of change in your life. These articles for expectant parents will help you get ready.

What's better than looking at pictures of A-list stars? Perusing photos of pregnant A-list stars! Explore our album to view pictures of the biggest pregnant celebs.

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Knowledgeable dads can be active in helping their partners through a healthy pregnancy. Learn if there are any pregnancy tips for dads in this article.

"You must be due any day!" might sound like an innocent remark to make to a pregnant lady -- until you learn she is only six months along and you've just implied she is grossly fat. Oops. Check out our list of other no-nos to blurt out to your expecting acquaintances.

Would you trust a complete stranger to carry and give birth to your own child? Plenty of people have said yes -- and some of these surrogate stories are truly amazing.

Growing your family with a surrogate's help is a wonderful, if expensive, option for couples today. But finding the right person can be tricky. Here are five tough questions to help you decide if surrogacy's right for you.

Should you travel while you're pregnant? Your impending bundle of joy shouldn't get in the way of a great trip, but a little planning can go a long way.

The news that a new baby is going to be in the house is going to prompt many interesting questions from your children. Here are some tips for making sure that your entire family is ready to welcome that new little bundle of joy.