Long-term Preemie Issues

Vision Problems of Preemies

Former preemies can have any of a number of vision problems. These include:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye due to unequal vision)
  • Decreased color vision
  • Nystagmus (frequent jerking movements of the eye)
  • Poor vision
  • Smaller field of vision
  • Strabismus (inward or outward turning of one or both eyes)

Symptoms can include:

  • Constant movement of eyes
  • Frequent crossing of eyes, beyond 3 months of age
  • Appearance of a cloudy or white texture on the surface of the pupil
  • Abnormal head tilt
  • Inability to fix his eyes on an object or a face
  • Drooping eyelid
  • Oversensitivity to light

Contact your doctor if you suspect that your baby suffers from any of these vision difficulties. Most of these problems can usually be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or eye patches.