Irish Names

Many Irish-American parents want the name they choose for their baby to reflect their ethnic heritage. Although their choice may be unusual in the United States -- such as Aoife or Eoin -- these parents are interested in a name that is popular in the country where their ancestors lived.

A sleeping baby.
There are a lot of variables involved in selecting an Irish name for your baby.

Of course, Irish names go through the same fads and fashions as others do. The Irish boys names and Irish girls names listed in the following pages currently are among the most popular -- but they might not stay that way. At the very least, however, they'll give you some great ideas for choosing an Irish name for your child.

Make sure not to wait until the last minute to decide on an Irish name for your child. Parents should remember that any spur-of-the-moment inspiration for their baby's Irish name could affect that child for a lifetime. Before you choose an Irish name, take the time to ask yourself a few questions:

Is the name easy to spell and to pronounce?

Is it easy to remember?

What nicknames can be derived from it?

Do the initials form a word? If so, is that word likely to prove embarrassing in any way?

Does the Irish name itself resemble any words with unsuitable meanings? It's a good idea to check an unabridged dictionary, especially if you are choosing a very uncommon name, to make sure you won't inadvertently cause your child embarrassment.

Use care if you're thinking of naming your child after a well-known living Irish person, such as an entertainer (i.e., controversial Irish singer Sinead O'Connor). You cannot predict anyone's future, and your child might be stuck with a name that has a negative connotation.

There is indeed a lot to consider when selecting an Irish name for your child. This article provides a perfect place to start.